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AIT-A-1314 - New Compact, Lightweight ATR Chassis From
Aitech Provides Exceptional Reliability and Ease of
Customization for Rugged, Mobile Applications


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AIT-A-1318 - New Aitech MIL-STD-1553B PCI Mezzanine
Card Optimized for Space Applications

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AIT-A-1382 - Industry Veteran William Spires Joins Aitech
as Vice President of Operations


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AIT-A-1388 - New Aitech SBC Maximizes Functionality
and Power with Independent Dual Processors,
Distributed Architecture


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AIT-A-1392 - New Upgraded PMC From Aitech Provides
up to 64 GB of High Density Flash Memory; High Transfer
Speeds; Low Power Consumption


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AIT-A-1394 - Paul Morrison Joins Aitech as U.S.
Eastern Area Sales Manager Further Strengthening
Company's Growing Worldwide Position


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AIT-A-1402 - Aitech's New Rugged, Low Power 6U VMEbus
Board Provides Multiple Analog and Digital I/O Capabilities

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AIT-A-1405 - VITA Adds Aitech Defense Systems to
Board of Directors

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AIT-A-1426 - New Rad-Tolerant 3U, CompactPCI I/O Cards from Aitech Enhance Real-Time Communication Functions in Control Subsystems


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AIT-A-1432 - Aitech and LynuxWorks Partner To Provide
Comprehensive Software and Hardware Solutions to
Military and Aerospace Markets

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