New Heavy Duty Medium Voltage Couplers from Amphenol Ideal for Hazardous Environments

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New Heavy Duty Medium Voltage Couplers from Amphenol Ideal for Hazardous Environments

The MVC series has couplers ranging from 600 V to 15 kV with ratings up to 600 A


Sidney, N.Y. August 2013 – Amphenol Industrial Global Operations, a global leader in interconnect systems, introduces a new line of heavy duty medium voltage couplers (MVC) for use in harsh environments.  Amphenol’s MVC series is ideal for applications in the mining, utility, tunneling and shore power industries for safe and reliable transfer of electricity throughout a job site.  These new couplers vary in voltage from 600 V to 15 kV with amperages up to 600 A.


The MVC series features Amphenol’s patented RADSOK technology that offers higher current ratings (up to 25% higher than standard contacts) with lower mating forces as well as high reliability, low contact resistance, high mating cycles and a self-cleaning design.


This new series features Amphenol’s Rapid-Couple technology, an interlock method that makes for quick and easy mating and unmating in the field -- no tools or closing mechanisms are needed.


The MVC couplers also incorporate secure fitting covers that repel water and soil while keeping the contacts uncontaminated when used in hazardous conditions. In addition, the couplers incorporate a combined strain relief and cable seal system that provides superior sealing against moisture.

The couplers are constructed with a standard aluminum housing, alternate materials are available, and feature elongated ground planes, fully shielded phase conductors, solder and compression terminated contacts as well as fire retardant insulators. They are offered in various powder coat colors. All parts are replaceable and can be serviced easily in the field, saving time and money.


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