Elma's New Custom-designed Type 15i Instrument Case Reduces Development Costs

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Elma's New Custom-designed Type 15i Instrument Case Reduces Development Costs

Infinite size flexibility in small volumes with no tooling investment


FREMONT, Calif., September 2013 – Elma Electronic Inc. introduces a new Type 15i instrument case that is scalable in all three dimensions (H x W x D), while offering designers cost-effective, custom-sized enclosures in relatively small volumes.  With virtually infinite scalability in an attractive package, the new enclosure can be sized perfectly to house instruments or small portable devices.


Applications that can benefit from this new case include specialty test and measurement instruments; lab and field service instruments; medical devices such as blood analyzers; and specialty computers.


The streamlined design of the Type 15i not only uses fewer parts and hardware, but also leverages already tooled components, significantly reducing overall costs and time to market.


The aluminum bottom, front and rear panels are made from a single aluminum piece, eliminating the need for additional parts and allowing for easy access to the inside of the case.  The sleek design, including sturdy, die-cast zinc corners that round off the edges, hides all of the assembly hardware, making it a very attractive case at significant cost savings.


With customizable height, width and depth, the Type 15i leverages proven tooled components to tailor the case to a specific project requirement; no need to settle for an off the shelf unit that doesn’t offer size optimization. The case provides superior design flexibility, including easy conversion from a desktop to 19” rack-mount enclosure.


The inside is easily accessible, making full use of the internal space for custom I/O and user interface hardware. The bottom panel doubles as the mounting surface for easier, more cost-efficient assembly. 


The new case, which can be EMC shielded as an option, accepts all Type 15 accessory hardware, such as front handles, portable handles, desktop feet and card mounting accessories and is available in several colors to better match its environment.


Pricing for the Type 15i instrument case starts around $150.00 per unit in lots of ten or more. Delivery is four weeks ARO.


For more information, please visit http://www.elma.com/en/products/enclosures-and-components/enclosure-kits/tabletop-and-portable-enclosure-kits/ or contact Troy Lauritsen at Troy.Lauritsen@elma.com or 510-683-8427.

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