Elma Simplifies OpenVPX System Integration with New Target Application Guides

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Elma Simplifies OpenVPX System Integration with New Target Application Guides

TAGs step users through system development options


FREMONT, Calif., October 2013 – Elma Electronic Inc. has developed a new set of target application guides (TAGs) that walk developers through a typical OpenVPX implementation, helping to determine slot and module profiles as well as the backplane profile and to define overall system architecture.


Providing step-by-step guidelines, the new TAGs set an easy design path to develop a VPX-based system up to and including the complete chassis.


These resource tools allow users to identify their optimal VPX starting board and related slot profiles.  Whether designers have a board selected, or need to determine the best one for the intended application, Elma’s new TAGs offer the framework to make easy design choices and quickly facilitate system development. 


Each TAG features a board overview, while identifying slot profiles compliant with that board.  Companion boards that provide the added function and capabilities to support compute-intensive, high-bandwidth applications are also outlined in the TAG.


The final backplane design for the application is drawn from one or more existing standard OpenVPX backplane profiles, many of which Elma helped design as a member of the OpenVPX standards committee.


The TAGs depict a topological diagram of the target application, giving users a springboard from which their OpenVPX system can move from concept to reality.


Ken Grob, Director, Embedded Computing Products & Systems at Elma Electronic, noted, “VPX offers design flexibility using standard components, making it multi-dimensional and requiring collaboration at different levels of system development.  These TAGs give designers the base knowledge to easily navigate through the topology and make the best choice for a specific application.  Our goal is to make it easier for designers to reap the benefits of this impressive embedded platform.”


Elma supports its TAG resource tools with one of the most experienced system integration teams in the embedded computing industry.


Current TAGs exist for a number of popular VPX boards supported by Elma including Emerson, Interface Concept, Concurrent Technologies and ADLINK.  Developers can request a specific TAG for a board needed to meet their application requirements.


For more information, please visit http://www.elma.com/en/download-center/target-application-guides/sp-tags/, contact sales at sales@elma.com, or call (510) 656-3400.

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