IEE's Pole Displays Offer Retailers Customized Consumer Engagement

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IEE's Pole Displays Offer Retailers Customized Consumer Engagement

Displays available in widest selection of languages and emulation modes


NRF 2012, New York, NY – January 2012 – IEE, Inc., renown for its innovative, cutting-edge display technologies, provides an extensive line of standard and custom retail displays that enable retailers to easily integrate these best-in-class displays to meet specific retailing needs. 


IEE’s most popular customer pole display products use vacuum fluorescent (VF) display technology that offers high brightness and excellent readability.  Basic VF displays come standard in seven languages, including English, European, Hebrew and Greek, with IEE’s VF graphic-based displays adding more complex language character sets such as Chinese, Thai and Arabic.


All of IEE’s fully-customizable displays emulate the communication protocols of other retail display manufacturers such as IBM, Epson and Logic Controls; allowing for easy replacement and seamless integration.


Both VF character and VF graphic displays are available depending on user requirements.  IEE’s VF character displays come in the widest range of sizes available.   The 2x20 (two lines of twenty characters) VF character display supports character heights of 5 mm, 9 mm and 11 mm.  IEE offers the only 4x20 VF character display on the market, available with either a 5 mm or 9 mm character height. 




The VF graphic displays go beyond simple text to incorporate symbols and graphics. IEE offers graphic display configurations of 256x64 at a standard width of 4.5”, with options for 5.5” and 6.5”.


In keeping with IEE’s reputation of bringing the latest display technologies to retail displays, the company also offers Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) displays.  Amidst carbon emissions concerns and “Go Green” objectives, OLED technology, which significantly lowers power consumption, is receiving positive reviews and considerable investment.   With an inherently wider viewing angle than LCDs, IEE’s OLED displays provide a brightness and contrast ratio similar to VF displays, while using less power and featuring a slimmer, more lightweight profile.


The company’s graphic LCDs offer the features of simple graphics and full language sets (including complex Asian characters) at a competitive price point and are configurable as character displays up to 4x40. They are sunlight-readable, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. 


IEE’s customer pole display product line offers a number of advanced design options, including double-sided displays that show the sales person and customer the same information for better communication as well as “pass-through display communication” that allows the display to share the same serial port with the printer.  The various display sizes and technologies are generally available in both pole and countertop configurations.


IEE’s displays are designed for flexibility and optimum viewing, with pole lengths from 2” to 22” (vertical mount) and 3” to 8” (wall mount).  In addition to displays with traditional power supplies, space-saving USB-powered models eliminate the need for an external power source.  Surface, wall, ceiling, case and POS organizer mounting options as well as both swivel and tilt versions are also available.


Standard pole display kits (PDKs) come with a display module encased in aluminum, compact plastic or molded plastic housing as well as an 18” pole.  Countertop display kits (CDKs) offer an aluminum housing with a mounting bracket and base plate.  All kits come standard with interface cables, a green filter and a wall mount power supply, where applicable.


Pricing and delivery for a pole display is dependent upon configuration.


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