Miniature Altimeter with 10 mBar to 2000 mBar Pressure Range Available from Measurement Specialties

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Miniature Altimeter with 10 mBar to 2000 mBar Pressure Range Available from Measurement Specialties

Low-power MS5806 ideal for adventure and multi-mode watch applications


Hampton, Va. November 2013 – Measurement Specialties (NASDAQ: MEAS), an expert in sensor design and manufacturing, has released the low-power MS5806, a compact digital barometric pressure sensor module that operates over an extended pressure range of 10 mBar to 2000 mBar.


The new sensor’s altitude resolution of up to 20 cm makes it ideal for use in altimeters and variometers.  Measuring only 6.4 mm x 4.0 mm x 2.75 mm, the MS5806 easily fits in space-constrained devices including high-end thin watches, adventure and multi-mode watches, fitness gadgets, mobile altimeter/barometer systems and bike computers.


The new 24-bit ΔΣ ADC integrated digital pressure sensor features several different operation modes to optimize conversion speed and current consumption.  The sensor converts the device’s uncompensated analog output voltage from the Piezo-resistive pressure sensor to a 24-bit value, while providing a 24-bit value for the temperature of the sensor as well.


The hermetically-sealed MS5806 features a protective cap constructed of an anticorrosive, polished stainless steel and is filled with a silicone gel protecting the sensor and bonding wires. An optional O-ring placed on the cap’s outer diameter provides water-resistance to 100 m, while avoiding mechanical stresses on the sensor.


The MS5806 uses six coefficients to compensate for process variations for increased measurement accuracy as well as I²C or SPI communication to offer a conversion time down to 0.6 ms. It can be interfaced to virtually any microcontroller.


This new digital barometric pressure sensor module is based on leading MEMS technology and the latest advancements from Measurement Specialties.


Technical Specifications

  • Low power of 0.9 μA (standby

  • Supply voltage range of 1.8 V to 3.6 V

  • Pressure range: 300 mBar to 1100 mBar (Extended: 10 mBar to 2000 mBar)

  • Operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C

  • ±2.5 mBar typical pressure accuracy (with auto zero at one pressure point)

  • Temperature accuracy of ±0.8°C at 25°C

  • Temperature resolution less than 0.01°C


Pricing for a MS5806 is $11.80 per unit in quantities of 10,000.  Delivery time is dependent upon quantity ordered.


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