World's Smallest String Pot Available from Measurement Specialties

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World's Smallest String Pot Available from Measurement Specialties

Measuring 0.74 square inches, M150 offers full stroke range of 0"-1.5"


Hampton, Va. November 2013 – Measurement Specialties (NASDAQ: MEAS), an expert in sensor design and manufacturing, offers the world’s smallest string pot measuring just 0.74" x 0.74" x 0.38" with a full stroke range of 0" to 1.5". The M150, formerly a Celesco product, accurately detects and measures linear position and displacement.


Measurement Specialties’ M150 string pot is ideal for use in a wide variety of space-critical test environments including structural, aerospace and automotive testing.  Other applications benefitting from the miniature cable extension transducer include motor sport and high-tech medical devices.


The miniature linear position sensor, comprised of a measuring cable, spool, spring and rotational sensor, fits into extremely confined spaces and can be installed within minutes.  This state-of-the-art transducer does not require perfectly parallel cable alignment to work efficiently or effectively.


A precision, high-cycle conductive plastic potentiometer delivers a high-linearity voltage position feedback signal in proportion to the cable’s linear position, by simply being mounted to a fixed surface and attaching the stainless steel cable to the moveable object being tested.  The electrical output is high-level, DC analog and works with virtually any data acquisition system


Technical Specifications

  • Durably constructed featuring an aluminum body
  • Operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C
  • Maximum weight of 0.5 oz. in compact 0.74" x 0.74" x 0.38" housing
  • 0.014" diameter nylon-coated, stainless steel measuring cable
  • Follows motions accelerating to 39 G’s
  • Sensitivity: 897 mV/V to 924 mV/V full stroke
  • Reliably performs beyond 5 million cycles


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