Teseq's Compliance 5 EMC Test Software Adds DO-160 Module for Aerospace Applications

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Teseq's Compliance 5 EMC Test Software Adds DO-160 Module for Aerospace Applications

Dedicated module makes set-up simple and testing fast for RF and immunity requirements



Edison, N.J.July 2011 – Teseq Inc., a leading developer and provider of instrumentation and systems for EMC emission and immunity testing, introduces a new aerospace test application for use in its Compliance 5 EMC test software.  The DO-160 RF emissions and immunity test module makes set-up and testing fast and easy.


Preloaded, standard hardware configurations and limit lines enable users to quickly configure their hardware and select the required test.  A pre-configured menu system allows users to select various settings including standards, test levels, test methods, modulation settings, leveling methods, limit lines, peak analysis and failure analysis. 


Users can customize the results graph and table to include company logo, text, test details and pictures.  Dedicated help menus and application manuals are also available for DO-160 applications.


This new update supports versions E, F and G of the DO-160 standard including conducted and radiated immunity (Section 20) and emissions (Section 21), ensuring that tests can be accurately performed with minimal set-up.


Teseq’s Compliance 5 is the leading software for RF EMC testing, providing an integrated test platform for every RF EMC test requirement.  It features a unique multi-user function with administrator control that ensures data integrity.  Files can be locked or made ‘read only’ by the system administrator. 


Compliance 5 enables users to construct specific tests, while giving the administrator overall control to important files.  The control feature also allows configuration and equipment details to be stored along with results.  Reporting is made easy through Teseq’s ‘Global Report’ function, which automatically places selected information from the test into a pre-existing template.


Compliance 5 is available in two versions, Compliance 5 RF Emissions and Compliance 5 RF Immunity that can be used either together or independently.


Other industry-specific packages are available to minimize set-up, while providing fully compliant, fast, efficient and repeatable testing.  Optional packages include military, reverberation chambers, commercial/consumer and automotive.


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For more information, please visit http://www.teseq.com or contact MaryJane Salvador, Teseq Inc., 52 Mayfield Avenue, Edison, N.J. 08837. Tel: (732) 417-0501 ext. 239; Fax: (732) 417-0511; E-mail: maryjane.salvador@teseq.com.   Web: http://www.teseq.com.

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