Teseq's New Immunity Test System Offers Fully Automated Switching

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Teseq's New Immunity Test System Offers Fully Automated Switching

Low-cost, high performance RF switch doubles switching capabilities


Edison, N.J. February 2012 – Teseq Inc., a leading developer and provider of instrumentation and systems for EMC emission and immunity testing, has expanded its ITS 6006 immunity test system to include the new SW 6012 RF switch option. This low-cost, high performance switching unit doubles the number of available switches within the system, enabling the ITS 6006 to fully automate the operation of three or four interconnected RF amplifiers during radiated EMC emissions testing. 


The SW 6012, fully powered and controlled by the ITS 6006, features two SPDT (single pole, double throw) switches adding to the system’s built-in switching network. The total of four SPDT switches can be configured to allow selection of up to four RF amplifiers with power ratings up to 1500 W.  In a three-amplifier configuration, the switches can be used to reduce the number of power meters required from three to one.


By enhancing the RF switching capability of the ITS 6006, more complex systems can be fully automated under software control, resulting in test results that are more reliable, accurate and repeatable. With the SW 6012, the ITS 6006 can route signals to multiple antennas or two different devices under test (DUT).


For applications that require stand-alone operation, Teseq offers the SW 6012-MAN. This independent RF switching system with manual operation features power handling up to 12.4 GHz and has its own 12 VDC power supply unit.  Interlock connections are also provided for enabling/disabling external RF amplifiers.


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