We Can Help You Because...

We've been doing high-tech business-to-business marcom for over 20 years for both domestic and international clients. We have a proven track record of achieving dramatic increases in awareness, market share, sales and profitability for companies in a broad range of business areas…maybe companies like yours. Take a look at our Compatibility Checklist to see how our capabilities match your company's needs.

The Whats and the Whys

Here is an overview of what we do at The Simon Group. Click any topic on the left to find out more about what we do and why we do it (we think the whys are at least as important as the whats). You can see examples of our work, as well. If you still want to know more after that, contact us.

Our Philosophy

Business-to-business marketing communications programs are most successful when developed by an agency skilled in all phases of communications, working in close concert with a supportive client. And, they work best when implemented as a coordinated, fully integrated program. We know it works. Our clients know it works! We also think that to be successful in the marcom business, you have to follow these tenets:

Don't try to be all things to all people - have a specialty.
Be great at it.
Do it best.

Here's our approach:

Our Mission (the long version):

Provide maximum value in terms of market impact and demonstrable return on the client's investment by providing superior marketing communications programs through a powerful, synergistic combination of insightful, innovative business savvy and compelling creative (whew!).

Our Mission (the short version):

Make a difference (yeah!).

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