Aries Electronics Pinball Ad

Aries Electronics 4-Color, ½ Page Ad

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Media Programs – Profiting from the Power of Placement

Results-oriented, image-enhancing and value-driven advertising programs are a hallmark of The Simon Group.

Based on client objectives and budget considerations, we develop individual ads and complete campaigns…from fractional black and white ads to full page, full-color masterpieces—whatever mix is needed—for both print and online media programs.

Although great looking ads are important, we believe an ad can’t get by on good looks alone. It must always be designed to increase share of mind as well as support both the marcom and creative objectives. Sounds basic enough, but many fail to follow these basic tenets.

C3 Media Strategy

A well researched, highly selective media mix is as important as the ad itself. We base our recommendations on an extensive media review and analysis to understand a publication’s editorial focus and position. The Simon Group’s C3 Media Strategy™–Continuity, Consistency and Commitment–ensures maximum impact and long-term success of an advertising program.

And, our legendary “Simon Group Media Rates” –and our exemplary value-added services—significantly increase the reach of our clients’ advertising dollars.

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